Top 10 Places To Drink A Beer In Riga

Beer In Riga - Top 10 Places

The staple of any stag or bachelor party is beer. Luckily enough, Riga has a good selection of drinking spots, from quirky brewpubs to your standard Irish bars. So we decided to put a list together of the 10 best places to drink a beer in Riga. Depending on what you are looking for, we are pretty sure there is something for you – If you’re still not sure, get in touch and we will be happy to give our expert advice.

10 Best Places To Get A Beer In Riga

  1. Paddy Whelan’s (Old Town) – The first Irish bar to open in Riga and still going strong. Paddy’s is a popular spot for locals and tourists with plenty of beers (and Guinness) on tap.
  2. O’Paps (Old Town) – Sounds like an Irish bar but is in fact a bar with its roots firmly in Latvian culture. The name means Grandpa in Latvian language, and with a number of local beers, craft beers and the standard lagers on tap, O’Paps is a great spot to watch some sport with a beer and decent food.
  3. Miezis & Kompānija (Old Town) – If craft beer is your thing then this place has it all. Most beers are brewed in the Baltics with some guest ales from Europe and Russia. They don’t serve food but allow you to order from one of the many delivery companies, so now you can enjoy a pizza, burger or even sushi with your beer…Yum!
  4. Alkīmikis (Centre) – Translated from the word Alchemist, this brew pub is located around 20minutes walk from the Old Town. They brew their own beer on site and have a great range of beers on tap and bottled. Excellent food menu and plenty of seating means you can easily spend an afternoon here away from the majority of the tourists.
  5. Labietis (Centre) – Probably the first brew pub to open in Riga. Labietis, much like Alkīmikis brew their beer onsite, they also do a great brewery tour and beer tasting combo – watch out for their 15.2% Tumsas Ragana (Witch Of Darkness)!
  6. Ala Pagrabs (Old Town) – One of the most popular spots in town and busy just about every night of the week. Ala (cave in Latvian) is all underground and once you have descended the stairs and walked the long corridor, you are greeted by a large vaulted hall with a great medieval feel to it. Traditional dancing, singing and a fantastic selection of local beers, snacks and food is available.
  7. Egle (Old Town) – The largest of the outside drinking places. If the sun is out, this is the place to be. Around 800 seating places, live music and right in the heart of the old town. Prices aren’t too bad either, meaning you can easily set up camp for the long summer evenings, enjoying a beer in Riga.
  8. Beer House No1 (Old Town) – Another great spot for watching sports and enjoying a few beers. They claim to have 60 different beers from Latvia and around the world, so you shouldn’t have too many problems finding one that takes your fancy.
  9. Bams (Old Town) – You could spend hours down here, another bar that’s located underground with several rooms, each one has its own game. From darts to cornhole and beer pong, there is enough here to keep you occupied for a good few hours.
  10. Armoury Bar (Old Town) – If you like beer and guns then this is the spot for you. Behind the bar they have a selection of now decommissioned weapons, including an AK47, pistols and a grenade launcher. The beer isn’t too bad either, with both local and craft beers on tap.

Please remember to enjoy your beer in Riga responsibly, each venue has its own policy on groups, some are stag friendly while others prefer small groups that have a keen interest in the beer, rather than getting too loud and lary.

If you’re not too sure which of these venues is best for your group, get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.

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