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No stag weekend is complete without stitching the groom up at least once. After all, this is the least he expects. We have all seen the hilarious if not slightly predictable silly outfits that the bachelor is often made to wear – but what about something more memorable. We have rounded up some of the best stag pranks around, designed to really get the stag out of his comfort zone.

Fortunately Riga has some of the best stag pranks around, from humiliation to straight up fear factor – what we can promise is that these stag stitch ups will last long in the memory. Below we have listed 5 of our favourite pranks that you can play on a weekend to Riga.

5 Best Stag Pranks

1. Dog Chase -This is one of the best stag pranks you can pull, effectively turning the bachelor in to a training dummy for attack dogs. After going through a series of scenarios, the stag will have one last challenge – one thing is for sure, you will soon see how fast the stag can run. 

2. Fake Arrest – The thought of being locked up in an Eastern European prison is enough to give even the bravest man sleepless nights. Watch the stag get carted off in handcuffs before being blindfolded and taken to a gents club, where once the blind fold is removed he will be greeted by your laughing faces and a special show by 2 dancers.

3. Handcuffed To A Dwarf – Picture the scene, the stag is having a nice time, drinking a few beers thinking that he has got away lightly with the pranks – Up strolls a dwarf and promptly handcuffs himself to the unsuspecting bachelor. Not only is this one of the most popular, it’s also one of the best stag pranks you can pull.

4. Bowling Ball & Chain – This is great training for married life, attach a bowling ball on a chain to the stags ankle and watch as he has to carry it around everywhere.  This is perhaps not the worst, but it’s definitely one of the best stag pranks you can play, without inflicting too much shame on the bachelor.

5. Fluorescent Paintball Morph-suit – The one thing you don’t want to do when playing paintball is stand out. That’s what makes this one of the best stag pranks around. The bachelor will put on his fluorescent pink morph suit, making him a glaringly obvious target. The only draw back is for the team who has to look after him, however there is always friendly fire!

Creativity Is Key When Planning A Prank

Creativity is key when it comes to the best stag pranks, the five we have chosen are some of our favourites, and ones that we do regularly for stag weekends. Although stitching up the bachelor is great fun, please remember to keep it safe and under control. All pranks are done at your own risk and we advise that all members of the group are in on the prank (other than the stag of course).

If you are planning a stag weekend in Riga, get in touch for some great activities, nightlife and prank suggestions.

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