7 Best Riga Stag Weekend Activities

Whenever you’re on a stag-do, there is a very real chance that if you don’t plan a daytime activity, you will spend 48hrs in the pub. So with that in mind we have prepared a list of the 7 best Riga stag weekend activities that are guaranteed to deliver a memorable weekend. These activities have been tried and tested countless times and always deliver a welcome break from drinking.

7 Best Riga Stag Weekend Activities


  1. Gun shooting – A classic activity that has been part of just about every stag-do in Eastern Europe for the past 10 years.
  2. BeerBike – A perfect mixture of sightseeing, drinking and exercise. The Riga BeerBike has been around for 5 years and seems to get more popular with time.
  3. Forest Paintball – Another classic activity, perfect for larger groups who love the fresh pine air and sound of paintballs whizzing past their head.
  4. Go-Karting – Indoor and outdoor karting have long been around and continues to be a popular activity for groups that like some friendly competition.
  5. ZorbFootball – Like you needed an excuse to knock the stag around, now you can do it without causing too many bruises.
  6. Winter Olympic Bobsleigh – A must-do activity if your visiting Latvia from October – March, there is a soft bobsleigh for those not brave enough to do the real thing.
  7. Curling Activity – Perhaps not one of the first activities you think about when looking for something to do in Riga. Curling ticks just about all the boxes – fun, challenging and competitive!

There are far more than 7 things to do in Riga, however these activities are a great starting point if you are looking for some inspiration. Most activities take place within Riga and can be done inside 3hours (based on a group of 10).

If your budget allows, we would always suggest trying to get two activities inside one day. For example the gun shooting & BeerBike are a great combination and would take no more than 3.5hrs to complete.

If you’re still stuck for Riga stag weekend activity ideas, then get in touch and our team will take care of all the hard work. From airport transfers to accommodation and nightlife, PartyRiga have you covered.


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