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Hidden pleasures

For many men, the sight of impossibly beautiful foreign women smiling and dancing in front of them is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A decade ago, Riga was the go-to place for strip clubs in eastern Europe before a series of negative incidents at the time, sullied the Latvian capital’s name as a destination for night time entertainment.
Luckily, in 2020, Riga has cleaned up its act. As well as being one of the best destinations in the world to avoid fears about coronavirus, the words Strip club Riga are back on the lips of foreign male visitors as Riga’s amazing strip clubs are now once again safe to visit.

The most beautiful women in the world?

We all love the sight of a beautiful woman. And as anyone who has ever visited Riga will tell you: Latvia has some of the most beautiful women in the world.

As the crossing point of East meets West, and with foreign colonisers over the centuries including the Russians and Swedes, the Latvian DNA pool reflects this history.

Women here hold traditional eastern European outlooks on life, including the desire to be perceived as feminine and beautiful. This means it is commonplace for local girls to wear summer dresses, shorts, and hot pants, for example. Women in Latvia are confident in their sensuality. You probably don’t know it but Latvia has the tallest women in the world with the average Latvian beauty standing 1.70 metres (5 feet 6).

In Latvia, men are men and women are women. Something that you could argue is no longer the case in much of western Europe. And that is how we like it here!

The world discovers Latvia

Riga and Latvia were virtually unheard of in much of Europe until 2004 when this tiny Baltic country joined the EU. Immediately, tourism began to boom as millions of tourists discovered that Latvia was one of Europe’s hidden gems. Riga was the first port of call for almost all visitors to Latvia and, as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, many were hooked on the city and the country!

Strip club paradise of the 2000s

Some lucky men, of course, also discovered that Latvia is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Riga began to boom, with new bars, clubs and restaurants opening every week. Some called Riga the party capital of the East. Best clubs in Riga was one of the trending search terms on Google. Naturally, strip clubs began to appear all over the city as male tourists flocked from near and far to enjoy the unforgettable night time pleasures on offer. It is worth mentioning that strip clubs are legal in Latvia and are an important source of income for many girls.
By 2007, money was literally pouring through the city of Riga. The city was home to the biggest real estate boom in the world at the time. Tourism growth was also one of the highest in the whole of Europe. Lap dancing clubs began to appear on every street corner, to satisfy not only the desires of tourists but also of local men, who are more than aware of the beauty of their own women. Pole dancing became so commonplace that it even appeared in your average downtown restaurant, with couples dining over a pizza while a stunning leggy blonde danced nearby. It was an incredible time to live in or to visit Riga.

What went wrong?

With Riga awash with hundreds of millions of euro, pounds, and rubles, many scrupulous and sometimes unscrupulous business people were able to get rich quick in the mid to late 2000s. The strip club industry was no longer regulated and organised crime saw the opportunity to prey upon (drunken naive) foreign visitors who often frequented strip clubs Riga with hundreds of euros in cash in their pockets. Scams and rip-offs suddenly became a widespread problem rather than one-offs.

Preying on the drunken naive

The most common trick at the time was for pairs of friendly young girls to walk up to you in the street and minutes later ask you to go with them to the bar of their choosing. Many men couldn’t believe their luck and upon arriving at said bar or strip club happily paid for the girls to have a glass of champagne. Without checking the drinks menu for prices. A couple of Finnish tourists, for example, were charged several thousand euros on one such occasion. Technically, this kind of practice was legal. After all, if you don’t check the price, someone can charge you what they want. As packs of British stags began to descend upon Riga it also became commonplace for groups of lads who had been drinking non-stop from breakfast until the evening to turn up in Riga strip clubs thinking ‘they owned the place’. Security/bouncers usually spend all their non-working hours in the gym and while you are on your eighth vodka Red Bull this lad hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol all week. You might think you are harder but, in reality, you know how it is going to end!

Upsetting the natives

Compounding matters, many British stags started misbehaving. Badly. Some stags were caught urinating in public including on the Latvian Freedom Monument, insulting a whole nation in the process. Back in the late 2000s, British stags became public enemy number one and increasingly popular prey for unscrupulous Riga strip club owners. Eventually, things came to a head. Things got so bad that the British Foreign and Commonwealth office issued travel advisories warning about certain bars and clubs in Latvia. Stags continued to frequent the Latvian capital but strip clubs fell out of popularity and the number of them declined massively.

Riga cleans up its act

The bad reputation Riga earned for itself due to some of its nightlife scams damaged the overall reputation of the Baltic city. Millions of tourists were flocking to the city from affluent areas of Europe, particularly Scandinavia. Nobody wanted the clubs ruining the reputation of the city. Something had to be done.
The police and authorities, in general, began cracking down on any bars and clubs it saw as flouting the law. At the same time, Latvia, in general, has seen a clean up of its banks and corruption in general. Today, strip clubs are more regulated, safer. It dented the reputation of Riga back in the 2000s and the city has worked hard to gain back its notoriety as a fantastic safe hassle-free destination.

Why do men frequent strip clubs?

It could be argued that the fact that young men are able to explore their sexuality safely and in a consensual environment such as a strip club is a positive thing. In 2020 we live in a culture where sex is certainly no longer taboo. Porn is available on the Internet free 24/7. Understandably, gone are the days when strip clubs were seen as something lewd and dirty.
Men enjoy strip clubs because they are sexy, fun, and exciting places to spend time. Here you can relax, be stimulated, enjoy human touch; escape. What’s more, strip clubs Riga allow men to step outside of the usual anxiety-fraught world of online dating and talk to young beautiful women without the fear that they are saying something wrong or the woman will suddenly and without warning, leave!

True freedom

No one is going to shame you here for telling a woman she is beautiful. There are no PC obsessed word police telling you what you can or cannot say; no woke individuals telling you that you shouldn’t be here! You are free. And this freedom brings numerous benefits:
When an astoundingly beautiful girl is dancing for you, it is fair to say your stress levels drop; you forget your problems. Being able to chat and flirt with the kinds of girls you have certainly never spoken to before, never mind seen naked in front of you, is certain too to increase the production of serotonin and dopamine. In other words, you naturally become happier. And isn’t that the very reason we are here on this earth?!

Boost your sex life

Some people back home will tell you that visiting strip clubs Riga on a stag weekend or weekend getaway is effectively cheating your wife or girlfriend. Actually, we might argue that visiting a Riga strip club will actually improve your (perhaps dull) sex life by creating new fantasies and confidence. Yes, it might ultimately boost your self-esteem and sex drive and save your relationship back home! Rather than it being ‘wrong’, in reality, everyone’s a winner!
And, of course, if you are a single man then guilt is the last thing on your mind! Riga is something of a paradise for the single man thousands of kilometres away from home.

Where is hot and where is not?

In the 2010s there was a purge in the industry in Latvia with only the ‘fittest surviving’. Class is permanent, as they say, and the most professional strip clubs with the most beautiful girls continued to operate. We don’t like to reveal the names of our partners publicly but we can assure you that we use the best clubs in Riga. Riga clubs with the best reputation, standards and of course the most beautiful ladies!

What delights are on offer in Riga clubs?

Riga clubs offer a wide range of services catering to every taste. From traditional private dances and table dances to incredibly fun strip dinners and unforgettable lesbi shows, there is something to appeal to every man. If you are in Riga on a stag do and want to play the ultimate prank on the groom, then consider a fake arrest of the husband to be, ending with the lad in question sitting in front of you all as part of a strip show!

Common sense keeps you out of trouble

When it comes to best practices, our main advice is: use common sense. Don’t walk into a bar with hundreds of euros on you. Don’t take your passport. Don’t drink too much. Don’t think that being in large groups makes you invincible, it doesn’t. Ask for the menu before paying.
Be suspicious of pairs of young girls walking up to you in the street and minutes later asking you to go with them to the bar of their choosing. If they are really interested in you, take them to a bar you know is safe and if they follow you have probably scored. And if there is one area of Riga where you most need to exercise caution when going to strip bars or dodgy bars then that is Livu Square.

See you in Riga soon!

Strip club Riga is once again safe and back in vogue, offering excitement, escape, and the ultimate fulfilment of desires and fantasies. We think Latvia is one of the best and safest destinations in the whole of Europe to visit right now and look forward to sharing with you the unforgettable delights on offer in our Riga clubs!

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