Dog Chase

Daily Tour 1.5hrs inc return transfers
Riga, Latvia

As far as stitching up the bachelor goes, this one is right at the top. Sit back and watch as he is chased by trained dogs, snarling and snapping at his heels. Wearing a special suit designed for training the dogs, the stag will effectively become a training prob.

Our dog chase will test just how brave the stag is, and how strong your friendship is along with it.  More than just a chase, the bachelor will experience the full force of the dogs in a number of different training drills, each one providing endless laughs for those watching.

  • Safety Suit & Briefing
  • Trained Dogs & Trainer
  • Chase & Other Drills
  • Party Riga Guide
  • Accommodation Pick-up & Drop-off

Dog Chase – What to Expect 

The venue for the dog chase is located 15mins from the centre of Riga. We will collect your group from your accommodation and take you out the training area. Here the whole group will be briefed, but of course it’s the stag who will need to pay particular attention. The bachelor will then be handed the equipment that he needs to safely take part in the demonstration, this is where the fun begins – for you.

Depending on the stags fear levels, the trainers will show a few different moves that the dogs can perform, each one pushing the boundaries before the final dog chase takes place. The price is based on a minimum of 10pax, if the group size is smaller there might be a price supplement.

  • The dogs bite is strong and can leave marks
  • Other members from the group can take part for additional cost
  • Check out some other stag pranks, like our fake arrest

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