Fake Arrest

Daily Tour 1 Hour Availability: 2019-01-01
Vecrīga, Riga Riga

If you want to play the ultimate prank then this activity is perfect. Our fake arrest is so convincing that the groom will not have time to question why he is being arrested. Once the handcuffs are on and the blindfold is put on, the groom will already be thinking of excuses to tell his fiancee back home.

Once he is suitably shaken up, he will be led into a strip club still blindfolded. While all of you sit in front of him ready to see his petrified and confused face – He will be treated to a special strip show.

  • Staged Arrest
  • Group Entry To Strip Club
  • 1 Beer Each
  • Special Show For The Stag / Bachelor

What to Expect

Once we are at the arrest location, you will point out the bachelor / stag to the security. They will then initiate the arrest, making up some local law that he has broken…When he starts to plead his innocence, he will be handcuffed, blindfolded and put into a car.  The groom will be driven around for about 15minutes, during that time you will go to the strip club to wait for him.

He will be led into the strip club by the security, still blindfolded. At this point the music will come on and he will be treated to a special show with two dancers…At this point he will see all of you pointing and laughing at how petrified and confused he looks.

  • Injuries are extremely rare but can happen. We do not take any responsibility for this.
  • Members of the group should be aware of the arrest to help cooperate and make sure the activity runs smoothly.

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