Free Fall Simulator

Daily Tour 3-4hrs inc return transfers

If you have always wanted to experience a sky dive but never quite had the courage, this is the next best thing. The vertical wind tunnel creates a vortex that will hold you in the air for up to 2minutes at a time.

No previous experience is needed, so anyone can take part and get airborne with a little help from the instructors. Watch on as your mates try to master the airstream, usually resulting in some comical fails and epic falls.

  • 2mins Flight Time
  • Flight Suit & Instructor
  • Safety Briefing
  • Party Riga Guide
  • Accommodation Pick-up & Drop-off

Free Fall Simulator – What to Expect 

The free fall simulator is effectively a large fan that blows air in a vertical vortex. By using your body shape and posture you can get airborne and safely fly up to 5metres or more in the air. Once we arrive at the venue, you will be given a briefing by your instructor on the safety and also the best posture you need to fly.

After the briefing is over you will be handed your flight suits before moving outside to start some comical but necessary stretches. Then it’s time to climb the stairs and enter the free fall simulator. You will fly 1 person at a time with the instructor, usually for 60 seconds before the next person goes. Once everyone has flown for 60 seconds, the round starts again, this time the fan is cranked up to help you get a bit more height.

After everyone has had their turn, the instructors will show you how it’s really done, reaching heights of 20metres or more.

  • If your weight is more than 140kg unfortunately you can’t fly
  • Additional time can be purchased for additional cost
  • You fly at your own risk, please inform of any existing injuries or conditions
  • If you like adrenaline packed activities, try the Olympic Bobsleigh

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