Tourist Bobsleigh

Daily Tour 3hrs inc return transfers Availability: 2019-10-01

If the Olympic bobsleigh is a step too far, then the tourist bobsleigh is perfect for you. A bit slower than the olympic version the tourist bob still delivers a punch of adrenaline that can cure most hang-overs.

Effectively a padded bath-tub, the tourist bobsleigh will reach speeds up to 80kph and can fit 5 people. There is no driver, you just hold on tight and enjoy the ride down the 900mtr track. If your feeling brave you can also try the ‘Frog’, a two-person skeleton style soft bobsled – allowing you to experience the track head first.

  • 1 Run Each On Tourist Bobsleigh
  • Helmet & Safety Briefing
  • Return Transfers
  • Entrance To Viewing Tower
  • Party Riga Guide

Tourist Bobsleigh – What to Expect 

Located around 45minutes drive from Riga and perched on the edge of the Gauja valley, the Sigulda bobsleigh track is home to both the tourist and olympic bobsleigh activity.

The tourist bobsleigh can fit 5 people, making it the perfect activity for both small and larger groups. There are three tourist bobsleds available so a group of 15 go down the track in quick succession.

  • The track can get very cold, so take appropriate clothing
  • The track is around 45mins from Riga

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