Zorb Football

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Riga, Latvia Riga

Zorb football is a fantastic way to run off your hangover. Everything you know about football goes out the window, once you are inside the zorbs, the ball is secondary to knocking your friends over. The aim of the zorb football is still to score the most goals, however the tactics are very different to a normal game.

With 12 zorbs available, you can play up to 6v6 depending on the venue and group size. It does not matter if you have never played football before, for most people this is more about knocking your friends out the way. Available on sand, artificial grass or real grass, depending on the season, this is an activity that will really kick start your weekend.

  • 1hr Hire Of Zorbs
  • 1hr Hire Of Venue
  • English Speaking Referee
  • Pick-up & Drop-off From Hotel (if required)
  • Party Riga Guide

  • Towels
  • Not All Venues Have Showers

What to Expect

Once you arrive at the venue, the referee will brief you on how to play safely, how to put the balls on and also what the game rules are. During the hour, games are broken down into smaller matches, typically 7minutes / half. This results in 3 full games being played during the activity time (as long as you have the energy).

Zorb football is not as easy as it looks, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also tiring. We advise that you book 2 less balls that your group size, this way you can make substitutions and the games run better.

  • Take additional water
  • Only flat trainers can be worn, on the beach we play without shoes
  • If you have back or neck problems, we advise you not to play

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