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Why A Riga Stag Do Should Be Top Of your List

Riga, the perfect stag do

Looking for a stag destination that is exciting, fun, sexy, and exhilarating?
A stag destination that will broaden your horizons and is completely different from anywhere else? Then a Riga stag do is the perfect choice for you and your mates.

What makes a perfect Riga stag do?

Inviting the right people. Choosing the right destination. Being organised.
Yes, if you want to enjoy the perfect stag do then it is essential you are – first and foremost – organised. Once you have got the flights booked, it’s time you found the right people to help you sort the hotels and activities. You might think it is better to organise this yourself but any reputable organisation on the ground in somewhere like Latvia will have preferential room rates with hotels meaning that even with their cut, they will be able to offer you better rates than you organising it yourself. Plus, if something goes wrong and you need to cancel some of the group because nagging wives and girlfriends aren’t allowing Jeff and Graham to travel, then you won’t get hit in the pocket planning your Latvia stag do.

Shooting a Winchester or hurtling down an Olympic bobsleigh track?

Being organised and having people on the ground doing the hard yards for you means that your stag do can be catered to for exactly the needs of your group. A bunch of 20-year-old lads might have different ideas of a perfect Riga stag do to a group of 40-year-olds, for example.

Get picked up from the airport in a Limo with a sexy stripper? Shooting a pump-action Winchester? Hurtling down an Olympic Bobsleigh track? What do you want to do on your Latvia stag? Being organised and thinking about the needs and desires of your stag party group will enable you to come up with the perfect Riga stag.

Why is Riga the perfect stag do destination?

Latvia has a distinct and unique mixture of vibes. Latvia was one of the last places in Europe to be converted from paganism to Christianity and this deep-rooted pagan heritage is reflected in the character of the people who some might say are natural, in touch with nature, and perhaps even a little bit wild (in a good way). This is where East meets West. Latvia was once part of the Soviet Union and some 50% of Riga’s population is ethnically Russian. It is also worth remembering that Riga and Latvia also had Germanic influences for many centuries as the Latvian capital was once one of the most important trading ports in all of Europe.

Many visitors also comment that Latvia is as pristine and upmarket as modern-day Scandinavia! These influences are reflected in the stunning architecture which is an incredible mix of medieval, wooden, Art Nouveau (the best collection in the world), and Soviet brutalism. And, of course, centuries of Swedish, Russian, and German influence is also reflected in the faces of the people. Latvians are athletic and strong. The women are officially the tallest on planet Earth. Indeed, many well-travelled people will tell you that Latvian women are also the most beautiful in the world.

Riga is quite unlike anywhere else.

Riga is fascinating. Riga is exciting. Riga is unique. A Latvian stag here is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and try out some activities that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. During your Riga stag do, you will fall in love with Latvia’s wonderful nature, mind-blowing architecture, and, of course, its incredibly beautiful women. You will return home having lived an adventure you will remember for your whole life.

How does Riga compare to other stag do destinations?

Top eastern Europe stag destinations include Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. These are all brilliant destinations that are fully recommended. All of them, including Riga, offers superb value for money for your pound or euro. We’d say overall though that although all these destinations are mostly trouble-free, you are going to be safer in Latvia than all of the above. Let’s say the local lads are a little bit more ‘understanding’ in the Baltics than they are in central Europe. Also, it is worth considering that the likes of Prague and Budapest tend to be overrun with tourists, so you might lose the sense of being away from things in those particular destinations.

If we want to compare a Riga stag do to some of the more traditional stag destinations such as Dublin and Spain then, frankly, this is like a different world. Most of the more traditional destinations focus more on drinking as much alcohol as possible (and misbehaving). A Riga stag do is more about adventure, excitement, and shared unique experiences with your stag buddies. Yes, there will be plenty of drinking of course, but years from now you will be talking about that time you bobsleighed down an Olympic bobsleigh track in temperatures of minus ten or saw the most beautiful women you had ever seen in your life, not about how many Red Bull vodkas Terry drank in Benidorm before throwing up all over the groom’s best white shirt.

No worries about coronavirus in Latvia

Many, naturally, are worried about safety currently, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged some parts of the world. But some places have been affected much worse than others. And, in the case of Latvia, closing the borders early and common-sense government policies and sensible behaviour by the general Latvian population means that COVID-19 has almost disappeared completely from Latvia. While an estimated 60,000 have died in the UK from or with coronavirus, in Latvia the grand total up until July 2020 was 30 deaths (with no new additional deaths in weeks). Yes, the UK death rate is in fact 2000 times higher than Latvia. It is actually safer to go on a Latvia stag do than to stay living in the UK!

At the time of writing (July 2020), Latvia had only had 4 positive new cases in 10 days. And when you consider the land borders to Lithuania and Estonia have been open since May and almost every aspect of everyday life is pretty much back to normal in every regard, you will quickly understand that Latvia is arguably the safest place in all of Europe to be or visit!

What about other safety issues?

Street crime and random acts of violence are virtually unheard of in Latvia. In fact, it is normal for foreign residents to walk home alone through the city centre parks at two o’clock in the morning. Imagine feeling safe enough to do that at home! Yes, if you are foolish enough to leave your wallet hanging out of your back pocket while you depart a bar after 7 pints, it might magically disappear but this is probably about the only thing you will need to consider during your stay in Latvia.

This isn’t Dublin or Amsterdam

These days there are two very different kinds of stag parties. You have got the type of more traditional stag do where a group of – let’s be honest – not particularly well-behaved lads frequent equally rough places and it all goes a bit Pete Tong. And then you have stag does for lads who know how to behave themselves and appreciate the finer thing in life. Lads who are smart and experienced enough to know that you come to places like Latvia to enjoy such delights as hanging out with its world-class beautiful women in a classy, safe, and sexy environment. Yes, think sexy, not dirty. If you want the more traditional stag where things inevitably end up very messy, then we suggest you stick with the offerings available back in the UK, Ireland, and the more popular western European stag destinations. We cater to lads who like to enjoy themselves but keep it well behaved and classy. Because if you behave that way then your trip will be sexy, exciting and you will be treated with friendship and not experience a sniff of trouble. After all, James Bond doesn’t throw up in the toilets and fight with nightclub bouncers!

Riga is a Year-round destination

Riga is a year-round destination with a completely different vibe at every time of the year. During the summer think outdoor terraces and beach and water activities. During the winter months, it is bar crawls, high-class strip clubs, high adrenaline winter sports, and unique experiences such as being able to walk on the frozen Baltic Sea!

Dreamy summer days

The weather in the Baltic states can be absolutely amazing in the summer months. The weather is at its best from May-September when temperatures often average in the 20s and sometimes nestle in the 30s. Evenings are delightfully warm and perfect for sitting outside or partying. During the midsummer period Latvia experiences nights when it barely gets dark with the sun setting after 10.30 and dusk lasting until almost midnight.
Popular summertime activities include the zany take on football known as zorb football which is incredibly fun. If you have ever wanted to experience the feeling of flying then try out the world-famous freefall simulator which will blow your mind. And you can even bobsleigh in the summer months on the summer bobsleigh at the Latvian Olympic winter sports centre.

Winter excitement

Latvians regularly win medals at world and European sports events for winter sports. That is because this is a world-class winter sports destination offering visitors the opportunity to try out a whole myriad of winter activities from cross country skiing, to curling, to the never to be forgotten bobsleigh. Many stags love the opportunity to test out a Glock 17 or a Winchester pump-action rifle! Less extreme Riga stag do options include indoor karting or an equally never-to-be-forgotten strip dinner with incredibly beautiful Latvian ladies.

Fun 365 days a year

But, as we like to remind everyone, Riga is a year-round destination with incredible activities for Latvia stag do parties to enjoy at absolutely any time of the year. An astounding 55% of this country is covered in forest, which means forest paintballing is quite unlike something you might be able to do back home with a real sense that you are lost deep in a never-ending forest in a Rambo film! This is typical of the amazing range of activities that are available the whole year in Latvia!

Now is the time for your perfect Riga stag do!

2020 has been a crazy year for almost everyone in the world. But as things get back to normal it is time to focus once again on the important things in life. You cannot beat a foreign stag do! And, in reality, a Riga stag do is the perfect stag do! Latvia offers a high-class, exciting, excellent value party experience which you will really struggle to better anywhere! Not only this but a Latvia stag do is in a place which is arguably the safest place in all of Europe right now!

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